International Shipping available at 30porcento Bookstore

29 março, 2011 | Por admin

Ladies & Gentlemen: I officially announce that 30porcento Bookstore is ready to ship books to 41 countries throughout the world! Here is the list of the shipping costs, in Brazilian currency. Note that the prices below refer to packages with maximum 2 kilograms:

Algeria R$60
Argentina R$29
Australia R$60
Austria R$43
Belgium R$43
Canada R$41
China R$60
Colombia R$31
Costa Rica R$41
Cuba R$41
Denmark R$43
Dominican Republic R$41
Finland R$43
France R$43
Germany R$43
Greece R$43
Hungary R$43
Iceland R$43
India R$60
Ireland R$43
Israel R$60
Italy R$43
Japan R$60
Mexico R$41
Netherlands R$43
New Zealand R$60
Norway R$43
Peru R$31
Portugal R$43
Puerto Rico R$41
Russia R$60
South Africa R$60
Spain R$43
Sweden R$43
Switzerland R$43
Thailand R$60
Turkey R$60
Ukraine R$43
United Kingdom R$43
United States R$41
Venezuela R$31
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